The interview period has ended

The second part of this study consisted of a 40 minute interview session with two members of our team. This took place over Microsoft Teams to be in line with current COVID-19 restrictions.

The interview consisted of:

Icon showing an interview via a computer
  • A few demographic and background questions
  • A discussion about your needs, and how a smartphone factors into your daily life
  • Questions in relation to accessibility
  • Several walkthroughs so we can learn the nuances of how you use your smartphone

The interviews were recorded and deleted upon transcription, with every participant anonymized. Our team will now analyze the transcriptions to identify themes and trends, that should help us design a mock-up solution later this year to any common problems presented.

Those who met our criteria and completed an interview will receive a gift of a £15 Amazon Voucher as a thank you for their time. Your participation will help us to understand better the good and bad elements of smartphones in regards to users with a spinal cord injury.

Picture of Richard

Hello, I am Richard. I am a postgraduate student at University College London. I will be one of your interviewers for the study. We would love to hear about what assistive technology you use and your views and experiences when interacting with your smartphone.

Picture of Beth

Hi, I am Beth, I am also a postgraduate student at University College London doing the MSc in Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technologies. I will be your second interviewer in the study. Your feedback will help us to propose improvements for designers that will enhance the smartphone experience for all users with upper limb mobility restrictions.

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